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How you doin? Back in the early seventies, I started working at a Cleveland, Ohio area RV dealer. Early on I learned that there was a huge lack of technical repair information. I went on to open my own repair shop and eventually became a full blown RV dealer.

I found my niche performing body repairs, mostly insurance claims. I connected with some major insurers of RVs and realized that I had a lot of information they needed, especially estimating information. So, I started researching and writing and in 1984, the RV Damage repair Estimator was born.

Today, hundreds of Insurance adjusters and RV dealers use the estimator. I’m constantly studying and updating repair techniques, product information and pricing. Check out┬ámy entire website at

2 thoughts on “Crash Site

  1. I have had an RV for 11 years, and never went to any blogs about RV’s. Interesting idea, and since I was in the Restoration Business for 17 years, have now become an instructor in Water Damage Restoration. Good luck with your blog.

    • Hi Larry, I’m kind of new to this blog thing myself. I’d like to know more about your water damage restoration instruction. I work with insurance companies all over the country and publish my RV Damage Repair Estimator. Water Damage is pretty common in RVs and everybody thinks it’s unrepairable.

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